We are excited to announce our 1st Fully East Coast Virtual National B2B Chapter! This chapter will remain virtual even after other chapters return to in-person meetings.
The East Coast Virtual chapter is for B2B networkers whose businesses are not tied to a particular region and have a national network of clients, and a network of other B2B professionals which may be good members to join the group. 
There will be 2 spots available per profession in this chapter. As we value collaboration at neXco National, we believe that two different companies in the same profession can co-exist, thrive and even support one another in the same chapter. Existing members who are in good standing with their current chapter will be eligible to submit an application to occupy one of the 2 spots available per profession.
To attend and receive the Zoom link please RSVP using the form below.

East Coast Virtual B2B Chapter

Location: Zoom 

1st & 3rd Tuesday each Month
8:30am – 10:00am EST

Leadership Team

President: Nicole McNamara
Vice President: Katie Nelson
Recordkeeper: Deborah Myers
Visitor Liaison Leader: Michael Burns

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NeXco National is an exclusive business-to-business community whose sole purpose is to serve as a catalyst for members to achieve exponential  growth. Your time is your most precious resource. You must invest it with an organization that will maximize your “Return on Energy”. Members will create this return by developing  long term mutually rewarding relationships. Further, you will gain additional knowledge through member-led educational programming.